Mum's 60 Things

3:50 PM

Mum and I in Santorini

As well as Mothers Day it was my mum's 60th Birthday on Sunday so I had reasons aplenty to celebrate the aceness that is my ma.  I made her a book entitled '60 Things I Love About You Mum (and a few that drive me crazy)', here are a few of those things:

1. That you’ll sit for hours in the dark on a Greek beach, wearing a head torch, all in the name of finishing an epic game of Scrabble.

5. That you introduced us to fine foods at a young age...even if Brie and tonic water was all there was in the fridge.

7. That you give Andy hugs and have always made him welcome and part of the family from the beginning.

8. That you accidentally watch slightly dodgy videos with Andy and both feel mildly uncomfortable.

13. For your love of the sea and how you always look back at least once when leaving it.

14. For how you scan cafes/restaurants/beaches/plazas to find the best spot, not EVER settling for an inferior position and often moving several times to maneuver into that ultimate possie.

15. The way you hold your coffee when you are really, really happy people watching.

16. That you dropped everything even though you had a full lodge and drove to Auckland when you heard Louie was coming.

19. That you were always the last one to go to bed throughout our travels in Nepal, talking and drinking with others long after us kids had gone to bed.

20. That you are considered a MILF by my 27-year-old lezzy mate!

21. That you didn’t know what a MILF was!

22. That you are considerate, kind, practical, smart and very generous.

28.  That no matter where you go and for how long, there will always be coffee making facilities packed in your bag.

37.  That you laughed and forgave me at age 8 for flashing my knickers to the next door neighbor boy, even though his mum was disgusted.

38. For your love of travel, new places and adventure – one of your gifts to us.

39. That you changed my nappy, burped me and got up all through the night to feed me – I get it!

40.  For your belief that waistcoats made out of an old dressing gown were a good idea for the whole family.

45. That you got married in a red mini-dress.

49. For being a little fearful yet always brave.

50. For showing us what a successful marriage looks like.

52. For never putting pressure on us to be anything other than ourselves.

54. That you have a pair of outrageously inappropriate red vinyl heels, just cause everyone should have a pair of outrageously inappropriate red vinyl heels.

56. That you love my favourite book as much as I do.

57.  That you did a belated O.E aged 40 something – Animal Aunts, English Pubs, Combie Vans – before either of your kids had done theirs!

58. That you always work so hard and are so successful at everything you do.

59.  For wanting nothing more than your family around you on your 60th birthday.

60.  For being awesome.

Love you ma x

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