Dirty Pretty Things

9:23 PM

There's so many blogs out there.  So many with beautiful photography, cute fashion, sweet illustrations & jewellery & craft.  All this lovely stuff.  I'm falling for it in one way and tiring of it in another, and I've only been looking for a few months.  I don't know, it makes me happy and inspired but sometimes it makes me feel hollow and saturated.  What does it all mean?  These little pictures, these windows of pretty things, pretty lives?

It makes me question what really gets me.  From all this stuff, what is it that moves me, resonates, galvanises me?  I'm questioning that.  I'll let you know what I come up with.

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  1. I wish I could link you to this - rather bitchy - article about how so many of these celebrated blogs by girls (fashion, illustration, pretty things, etc) are misleading, they make you feel guilty because you're not living this pretty, care-free life with all these clothes and so on.

    It's nonsense, really. Blog about what you wish. As if no one will read it.

  2. It's not so much wanting to live their lives, have their clothes, suddenly become all cute and crafty...more like, in amongst all of that, what really, really gets me. Not only what do I want to blog about and photograph but what am I actually about? Oh no! An existential crisis!

    The pretty stuff is wearing thin. I think if I see one more deer or rabbit illustration I'll scream.

    Thanks P.

  3. Oh, I see.

    Yeah, that cutesy deer/flowers/etc shit bores the hell out of me.


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