11:05 PM

If I'm going to keep at this blog, I need to figure out what I'm going to write about.  To do that I need to figure out what I'm interested in, what moves me, what will keep me writing.  Tricky.

I could use it as an exploration kind of tool, a way of rediscovering 'who I am', what I'm about.  Seems kind of self absorbed.

I could post the trillion kilobyte worth of pics building up of my main man Louie.  Who is interested beside me and The Wrinklys?

I could come across all savvy and cute and highlight the little corners of our lives that I deem blog worthy.

Very tricky.

So.  I'll do all of the above and try to not give a flying fuck about any of it being read.  Or maybe just by one little person, because ultimately I'd like to say to Louie in 10+ years time - or when I deem it appropriate for him to read his mum's swear words - "hey kid, here's some ramblings I kept up with when you were new and we were figuring each other out, when I was falling deeply in awe of you, when I gloated to cyberspace about your 'firsts', posted embarrassing pics of you.  It's also a bit about me and who your old mum is.  And your dad.  Your first house.  What was around you.  I thought you might like to know".

I'm pretty sure you'll be horrified.

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  1. he'll love it.
    hell, it's becoming so standard that if you don't do it, he'll grow up and be all, 'where's my blog ma?' ;)

  2. too true Bron, every bit of these kids lives are well documented and picked over by their parents. It kind of concerns me that there is a digital archive of Louie's life already...perhaps it leaves him open to potential bullying or worse? That's why people use pseudonyms I'm guessing? Opps....


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