Babies are just an excuse to shop

6:43 PM

I know it's early days but the excuse to shop for baby's room has been irresistible - even if the room doesn't yet exist.  I just hope the new house (we have yet to find) is big cause I'm showing no signs of slowing.

And I realise I'm leaning on the girly side of decorating but I figure this room is really for me for the first year, kid ain't gonna care if the florals & swans have crept in until he's a bit older, or in fact maybe he'll never care (amazing!)

I guess I should start buying actually useful things like breast pumps and changing mats sometime soon....*yawn

The white rocking chair was bought by my mum last weekend- I LOVE it.  Blue cushions made by Andy's mum, soft toys from local craft market - Andy choose the long pink dog for our boy - and thrifted crochet blanket.

The painting I bought from work and is by artist Stanley Jones, it's gorgeous and named 'My Father's House' based on the landscape in Provence.

Birdhouse made by Andy's uncle - we're going to make it into a lamp - or coat hook,  ethnic cushion from Tree of Life, other stuff is thrifted.

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  1. shopping for baby is so much fun. Lucky little baby you're growing x

  2. oh my word, what wonderful shopping you have been doing! loving that sausage!

    xo em


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