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10:18 PM

I've not been updating this blog for the last couple of months mainly because of two things...one awful, one WONDEROUS!

Awful: My camera kit was stolen from my car - a total bummer and the second time we've been robbed since we've been back in NZ.  I've just ordered a new camera and I'll be back snapping and squirreling memories away on this here blog which has become even more important because......

WONDEROUS:  I'm up the duff!  Aaarrrgh!  It looks like adopting little kitten Boo was a warm-up - I'm 18 weeks and we're really happy, excited and freaked out.  But more than anything, we're up for this adventure, keen for this wild ride.  It's been 12 wonderful years of adventuring together, just the two of us and now we can't wait for a side-kick.  

It's been a text-book first trimester with nausea and tiredness (oh my god the tiredness!) but nothing more sinister.  It's finally passed and god I feel AMAZING! I probably just back to normal but normal feels wonderful.  Our scan's have all been good, the little sprout is growing well and in about three weeks we'll know what flavour this magic bean is.

The last 18 weeks - sleeping, eating, not-eating, long baths, worry, smiles, tears, lots and lots of thinking about names, telling family, telling friends, telling work, trying to imagine what's ahead, buying the first little baby outfit, hitting all the op shops and markets and finding baby bargains, getting very excited/emotional/scared/blissful.

I've been reading dozens of amazing baby/parenthood blogs and birth stories, they really help me process and begin to understand this strange new world I'm in.  I've a long way to go.  I hope to keep track of our journey here, the three of us growing, learning, changing and ultimately becoming a family.  I feel like I need this blog more than before, and in a different way.  Not just for memories but to help me to get prepared, to see my own thoughts out there before me and to have a place to sort those thoughts out.

Delighted to have you along for the ride new followers!  Your blogs are inspirations to me.

Em x

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Im so excited to be following along with your journey!

    xo em

  2. Congratulations Em! Lovely blog you've got here and looking wonderful :)


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