Thirteen Days

3:24 PM

Thirteen days you, little Louie C, have been with us, a lifetime in more ways than one.  What did we do without you?  

You are the sweetest little boy.  You have such a concerned look on your face most of the time, like you are quite bewildered and a little worried about this world.  I think you sometimes look like a balding primary school headmaster who loves his job but finds kids these days a little overwhelming.  Then other times, after a feed, a bath or kisses on your belly, you relax and your little brow uncreases and you look beatific, like buddah, with moonlit sky eyes.

You love your bath, your little chin points up to the ceiling and your eyes close and it is like you are luxuriating in the attention and warmth "yes, yes...that's good, a little more water dribbled over my head please".

You are too little for most of your clothes, they bag up around your neck and drive you crazy.  You love being swaddled but you are a total Houdini, managing to get at least one hand out within 10 minutes of your Dad's tightest swaddle.

You don't like cold cloths on your bum, having your nappy changed, tight singlets pulled over your head...who can blame you?  

We are yours completely.  Won over by all of the above and everything else you are.  You are amazing.  

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