We made it through the Fourth Trimester!

8:50 AM

Happy birthday Louie!  Today you officially graduate into the world as a three month old, you are no longer a sleeping, shitting, crying grub...now you are sleeping, shitting, crying infant!  Although to be fair, you do keep the crying to a minimum, thank you my happy boy.

You LOVE books, it's hilarious, you seem to read along with me and laugh at the punch lines.  And you LOVE your dad playing the guitar to you, totally riveted.

You seem pretty happy staring at your hands in your cot, batting at toys in your bouncy chair or just hanging with your mumma.  Sometimes I worry if your days are too monotonous...are you bored?  I don't know what I expect you to want...a night out with the fellas? But I just want to make sure I'm doing the right things with you, helping you to learn and develop.  After all, you're a graduate now.  What am I supposed to be doing daily with a three month old?

Any clues lovely readers??

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