The search for home

11:10 AM

We've been looking at houses to buy FOREVER!  We are very annoying people.  We talk about our decision making with all of our friends and family, outlining the pros, the cons, asking for their considered opinion and then the next time we meet we have a whole other idea!  Our nearest and dearest know now that when we exclaim "We're moving to Bluff!"  that there is a high likelihood we have just been entertaining a romantic idea of a lighthouse home and the next proposition we put to them will be a houseboat in Northland.

But finally, we've whittled it down to one town and one smaller town, both in the same area.  We're spending weekends traipsing about with Louie who is amazing and sleeps in between houses, doesn't mind being left in his car seat in strange kitchens while we shoot around prospective homes and lets us know when he REALLY doesn't like a house by his little furrowed brow.  Actually, he always has a little furrowed brow.  No sure things yet but going back this weekend to view 7 homes.  Fingers crossed.

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