10 weeks

10:14 PM

You're loving showers with your dad, you don't even grizzle when he puts your whole head under the water.  And so far no poo-splosions in there!  Although secretly, I'd kind of love it if you did.

You have to have your towel heated or you complain bitterly to management.  And a nice apricot oil massage is appreciated.  You detest getting dressed,  you are happiest in your b-day suit.

Today we went to your third Plunket visit where you passed everything with flying colours - I was pleased to see you are growing  into your big head, you are only in the 75th percentile for large heads now instead of the 90th!  The nurse said you are putting on tons of weight and feeding efficiently, getting bigger and stronger which is easy to see - you are bursting at the seams and starting to look like a member of a boy band wearing tight tees and pants.

And then we had to go and pick up a cot for you because you're almost touching the ends of the bassinet.  Tonight might be the last night you sleep in it, you are in there now, snoring away happily.  Slow down my baby boy, slow down, I want to enjoy every day, every stage of your life and it's already feeling like it's rushing by.

We went to our first SPACE kids session last week and there were 2 week old babies there and I'd forgotten you were that big, forgotten how it was when you could almost curl up your whole body under my chin, when your little eyes were puffy because they were so new.  Now look at you!  You are my little meerkat with your strong neck peering around at everything with a serious, enthralled expression.  Thrashing about if you are held in any position except outward; the best way to see the world (much to your expensive-Manduca-buying mamma's dismay).

Ahhh.  I've heard all the mothers say it and it's true "enjoy it, they grow up so fast".  Flash in the pan, it's all just silver moments of gloriousness and then they're gone, one after another.

Louie 10 weeks


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