26 weeks and GROWING

12:08 PM

This blog is turning into a bit of a preggy pic post shop but it seems I don't have much time for musing...unless about pregnancy!  God, it's rather consuming isn't it?  

We're really busy - moving house in a few weeks - to a much smaller place - so packing and organising, buying Christmas presents (15 people to buy for this year...just CRAZY, I must admit, I haven't been joyous about it...it's all a bit much but I'm almost there, thank god for magical Jo's op shop) and then all the baby organising.  

Antenatel classes are weekly and really good, especially as someone else is telling Andy all the stuff rather than just me!  I think it's becoming more and more real for him.  He's been wonderful and so sweet, I love that boy so much and am incredibly thankful we are becoming a family and going through this together - my best friend and soul mate, the one who makes me laugh loudest - how could I get any luckier?  I just have to remember that and not get overwhelmed and grumpy...which is easy to say but pregnancy seems to make me lose the little patience I have!

We've visited both the hospital and Birth Care (delivery and after-care run by midwives) and been to an  talk about the pro's and con's of using drugs in labour.  We're doing our research!  My birth plan is let what will be, be, with as much information taken on as possible prior to labour.  In an ideal world I will handle the pain, baby will be perfectly positioned and on time and we'll float through the experience on a wave of endorphins.  However I'm aware things don't always go to plan and, apart from a few things I really don't want if I can help it, I'll go with it.

Like all mothers I most want to do what is best for baby.  But birth is one experience in baby's life, a HUGE one yes, but babies get born in many different scenarios and there will be hundreds of other big moments which will influence and shape their life.  I don't think whether a birth goes blissfully perfectly without drugs or involves surgery/interventions galore is the defining moment of a kid's life.  Or a mother's.  So I'm just preparing as best I can and thinking positively.  Cause whatever happens I'm going to meet this kicking, wiggling, squirming little boy and start our adventures together!  I can't wait!

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  1. Love your perspective lady. So wise not to get caught up in the 'birth dream', although i do hope it is a wonderful experience for the 3 of you!

    You are looking beautiful

    xo em


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