Arlo - 11 Months

11:08 PM

The leaps babies make are astounding.  Huge and imperceptible all at the same time.  One day they seem nonplussed about the stacking cups, the next they can sit for many minutes putting one into another on repeat.  When you add dozens of these tiny developments together it's like a flower blooming on time lapse every day.  Mind blowing.

Arlo boy, at 11 months you have never been more delightful, and I know I say that in every blog post but, are a wonder.  Today you made your first painting.  You bounced up and down giggling on your bed.  You got so filthy playing in paint, mud, sand and water you had two clothing changes and then a bath.  You crawled up many stairs to sit with the other (much older) kids on top of a hill.  You smiled and watched and watched and watched, all the kids, all the time.  You ate a whole huge pear!  You crawled over and lay your head down on Catty Boo like he was a lovely pillow.  You lay your body down on the shiny floorboards and scooted backwards over and over again, grinning.  You are hilarious, inquisitive, calm, secure, cuddly and very, very sweet.

Louie struggles with how to incorporate you into his play (and I'm guessing his life) but he always wants to know where you are and almost always wants me to wake you up if you're asleep.  We went to Taupo last weekend for a very rare night out (Dion's 40th) and we took Louie to leave with Nonna and Poppa and left you with Nanna and Grandad (it was just too much for either Grandparents to handle the both of you and you were most familiar with Nanna's place) and we had talked about it and warned you both for days but when you drove off in Nanna's car he was distraught!  The only thing that calmed him down was when I said "when we come home tomorrow, Arlo will be home and everything will be normal as it was before".  He clung to that and repeated it; "Arlo will be at home and everything will be normal".  It made me feel bad but good because he loves normal and he loves you Arlo.  He really does and he is really trying to find out what to do with a nearly one year old.  You adore him and want to know exactly what he's doing followed very closely by wanting to try exactly what he's doing.  There will be some head-butting I'm sure but you are both such social, interested kids I feel you will need each other more than annoy.  I'm hopeful :)

I took you for a swim in the hot pools the other day, just you and I, our first!  It was so funny getting you un-dressed in the big changing rooms, your wide eyes looking all around confused, then walking with you through the glass sliding doors where you tried to make sense of the chorine smell and the unfamiliar environment.  Finally, as I stepped down the pool steps into the warm water, your face erupted into smiles, you let out one giant squeal and you didn't stop grinning at everyone the entire swim.  

You make me look forward to our days together, tomorrow and always, my love.

xxx  Mumma

*  still 8 teeth
*  standing and cruising but not walking yet
*  a bit fussy, not liking many fruit or veges
*  sleeping through the night often!
*  still quite clingy but getting a little better

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