37 weeks

1:00 PM

I have officially started maternity leave today. I'm tired and pleased to be able to relax in our cool wee home - summer has started in NZ and it's hot but somehow our house gets any breeze that's going.  Bliss.

I'm tired and a little worried.  I have a low platelet count which has been dropping throughout pregnancy and has recently dropped enough for me to be referred to an obstetrician.  My appointment is hopefully sometime this week.  My midwife isn't too worried which is reassuring but things that are routine to health professionals (a possible transfusion, no option of an epidural etc) are sort of a big deal and even if they are to be how my labour goes, I want to go into it as positively as I can.  For me that means knowing as much as I can, preparing, trying my best and being open-minded to what will be.  I'd just like to find out what could happen so that I can be prepared.  I'm the sort of preggie girl that has watched every episode of 'One Born Every Minute' simply to get used to the different procedures, emotions, environments and interventions so that nothing will come as a shock!  

So stay put my little Joe so we can figure this little hiccup out.  I'm so glad it isn't anything to do with you my boy, you are rib-kicking healthy as far as all the scans and check-ups go, you are measuring perfectly and an active wee thing.  I've recently started to imagine your face.   And your dad is SOOO impatient to meet you.  xxxem

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  1. hoping all is ok with your platelets.

    I watched every episode of one born every minute when I was preggo, I'm the preparing type too :)


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