6 weeks

11:14 PM

I'm falling so hard for this little guy, every day I just seem to expand in my capacity to love him even more.  And it's not like everyday has been easy, it's tough this parenting gig.  Many times over the last 6 weeks I've been in tears, beside myself and had to ask for help but all those people that told me "it gets better" were right.  It doesn't just get better, it gets insanely magical at times.  

Right now he is snoring on a sheepskin rug beside me in bed.  He looks like a little prince.

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  1. oh he is precious. Welcome little Louie x

  2. what a little angel! Yes those first weeks are life changingly hard and only the wise ask for and accept help!

    with each day our love for our babies grows! Enjoy the journey!

    xo em


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