Home, sweet luxury home

11:58 AM

Excuse the smug post but geeeez I'm ridiculously lucky.  Last week I decided to take Louie 'home' to mum and dad's for four days to catch up and have a rest.  It's a blessing to stay with your parents when you've got a wee one, home cooked meals, more hands to help with bathing/dressing/soothing, the reminder that you're still someone else's baby.  But it's even better when your mum and dad own a luxury lodge!

Louie enjoyed five star views from his bassinet while I snuggled deep into my feather bed topper-pad and enjoyed cups of tea and sleep-ins.

Louie's stuff fitting in perfectly with the furniture...

Louie fitting in perfectly with the furniture...

Chilly, clear days from the balcony.

The youngest and the eldest of the family checking each other out.

Mum (Nonna)


Uncle Malcolm

Cousin Hunter

Chef Dad on his night off "throwing something together from the left-overs".  Ummm right.  *why I don't cook for my papa*

You guys rule.  

We loved it!  Thank you xxxx  Em & Louie 

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