I love babies but I couldn't eat a whole one

11:13 AM

We had a Baby BBQ on Saturday - we pitched it to our mates as the last time we'd see them together without us being mildly manic and covered in baby spew.  They agreed to come.

Hannah was amazing, we had it at her house and she cleaned and cooked and pushed me out of the kitchen the whole time, leaving me to catch up with everyone.   The rest of the in-laws were awesome too, BBQ-ing 70 burgers, cooking fresh snapper etc.  My bro and his family came up, a friend flew in from Berlin that afternoon (not especially for the bbq although I like to think so), my ma managed to take a sneaky day off to drive up and spend a few hours with us...it was pretty special.

Friends brought their favourite books for Baby Coombes and wrote in a book for him, guessing his weight, date/time of birth and his name, which nearly everyone got right seeing as it's the worst kept secret in the world.

So little Joe Henry Coombes, it was a gathering in your honour and a whole lotta love was felt.  You've got some preeetty cool dudes waiting to meet you (although those few that guessed you'd be 15 pounds or named Bullstrode will have to win back your respect).


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  1. looks wonderful, nothing like a 15 pounder (cant even think about that!)

    we have a joseph who will no doubt get joe in time.

    bring on baby. cant wait to hear the news xxx em

  2. oh joe is one lucky little guy.

    go gently these next few weeks (and book in a few indulgent treats like a pedicure, date night and movie session) - that's an order! x

  3. Thanks Em and jodi, just saw these comments (such a newbie blogger really!) and although I didn't manage to sneak in the indulgent treats while on preggers, I have just had a quick haircut while 6 day old Louie (The Boy Who Was Almost Joe) slept - feeling very rock n' roll mama!



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