Hello honey

10:18 PM

I knew it would be you, even though I thought about girls names and flirted with racks of floral prints, I knew it would be you to complete our family, I've always known.  We've had a name for you from the beginning.  It's your name and I can't wait for you to come out here and get it.  I think you are incredibly handsome and you look very thoughtful in there.  Are you listening to your big brother talk and talk and talk?  Do you hear me laugh at his antics and read him books?  Your Dad is so thrilled, he remembers when he was five-ish and found out he had a little brother coming and he's so excited for Louie and you.

Did you hear me cry a bit this morning?  I had such mixed up, strong emotions after our scan.  I cried because I was relieved you were healthy and so beautiful.  I cried because it was exactly right you were you and I had always known.  I also cried because we wouldn't have a daughter.  That rush of feelings swept through me and I was ashamed and guilty and worried you might feel it.  But during the ride home, every time I looked at your picture I couldn't imagine another way...I would have cried if we weren't to have another little boy.  If it hadn't have been you there wondering at it all.

I went out and bought you some sweet little outfits to bring you home in.  I looked and looked at your picture all day and fell so head over heels.  You have no idea how excited we are it is you.

I love you so much my little boy.


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  1. This made me weep!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. So glad I found yours!


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