Nearly Two

9:05 PM


Creeping up on two years old.  Actually, make that stomping, galloping, dancing, leaping up on two years old! 

You are:  Busy, busy, busy, bossy, charming, chattering, sweet, demanding, keen, social, lovely, bright and drop dead gorgeous.

You like:  Those boy obsessions of tractors, trucks, diggers, trains.  Peppa Pig.  Dancing time with mum and dad in the lounge.  Driving in the car.  Food (pretty much all of it).  Books.  Mornings.  Walks.

You dislike:  Stopping at stop lights/signs in the car.  Going to bed.  When your universe doesn't align exactly.  Getting your hair washed.  Coriander.

You say: 

Me:  "What would you like for breakfast Louie?"
L:   " Quinoa salad"  (or on one occasion "Penis salad".  Really??  What even....?)

Me:  "Pooh!  Louie did you just do a poo?"
L:  "No, that's just a fart.  Mummy did a fart"

Andy:  *BIG FART*
L:  "Daddy, need a clean nappy?"

L:  "Mumma, get up!  Go over there!  It's dancing time!  Daddy, turn around!  Talk!" 

And so, so much more.   You're language is astounding and everyone comments on it, you're just a total communicator andvery quick with remembering the names of things.  And you like to be able to tell everybody your wishes, a little bit of a despot.  You've also started telling jokes with us, expanding on our silly talk...tonight we sat at dinner asking each other "Do you like owl ice cream?  Roasted fox?" (a line from the Gruffalo) and you ran with it... "do you like mouse toast?  Cat corn flakes?" smiling and grinning like crazy.

I find you so beautiful, your little face and pointy wee chin, big blue eyes and Little Prince soft curly hair.  Your legs have lost their chubb and are long, your feet are always stretching out to push against something, wriggle, wriggle.  Sometimes I hold them in my hands when we read books and they still for a little while.  Then they take off again...kick, wriggle, push.  They only really stop when you are in a very deep sleep.

You're sleeping now, exhausted from no nap today.  Still in a cot but worryingly lengthy in it.  Your taking your mamma on such a bittersweet journey.

Happy soon to be second birthday honey boy xxx

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