Lovely stranger

3:33 PM

  When you were born, just hours old, your dad said something I'll not forget.  He said "When I look at him I expect to recognise him as someone I know, I feel like I should recognise my son.  But I don't.  I've never seen him before now".  And it was so true and strange.  A wrinkly little concerned human who made our heart full, even with a face we'd never laid eyes on.

Now I can see you with my eyes shut.  Every detail of your grinning, magical, inquisitive, dimpled being.  I know you.  'You' were right there from birth now that I look back at photos.  I know you and yet you continue to grow, you're pushing your 'self' out into the world more every day, asserting your personality and learning about who you are as I follow or sometimes, it must seem, stand in your way.
You need people around you.  You're not keen to play with toys alone, insisting that we also play by thrusting Thomas the Tank Engine into our hands and saying "There ya go!  You can play with Thomas!" and refusing to let us sneak off.  Your favourite thing is to be around your best friend Elliot, rolling around, roughing each other up and laughing manically. And talking non-stop.  But if he's unavailable, anyone will, adults, friends, strangers...people are your thing.

Which makes you the most enjoyable company, with your delight of being part of something with someone...forging a friendship, an adventure, a conversation, a game, a make-believe story.  You just don't see the point in being alone.  

And soon, you won't be.  Out of all the types of personalities in this world, if anyone was going to  appreciate a brother the most (eventually...I hope) I'd imagine it would have to be you.  You'll have an audience, a willing accomplice at all times.  This little squirmy baby in my tummy might be a lovely stranger at first but you've got a best buddy for life.

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