Keeping Positive

9:52 PM

I have to kick some negative thought patterns to the curb, they are a bit of a habit and I'm tired of them. These days at home with Louie are precious, numbered and I'm finding myself grumpy too often, losing motivation and irritable.  Once he's in bed I feel guilty about the bad bits and worried about the next day.

I seem to forget there were great bits too and that there will be awesome times tomorrow sooooo....

....daily, for a week (or pressure) I'm going to post something positive about my day and something to aim for or look forward to tomorrow.

Today:  We got up and started the day as usual, with you strutting around in your dressing gown and me bleary-eyed and looking for the coffee plunger.  Outside I noticed the sunrise starting to peak through the dark and remembered there was to be a mass ascension of hot air balloons at 7.30am.  We raced over to the park and watched 6 enormous balloons fill up and take off.  Your eyes just about popped out of your head.  I wondered if you would remember it at next year's balloon festival and felt intensely, for a split second, what it was like to be little, and how long and tremendous every day used to feel.  It made me so excited for you, to have that big adventure ahead of you.

Tomorrow:  I want to enjoy your new found love of dancing, Saturday Night Fever style with fingers pointing and arms thrusting into the air.  I'll put some great Pop on loud and we'll boogie.

*  My camera is still at the workshop so this is an old pic of Louie teasing poor Boo.

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