Sweet day

9:31 PM

Today was an awesome day, nothing planned, rainy and uneventful but so lovely.  Just to spend the whole day with just the three of us, out of the house, wandering shops and mall food courts, mooching about.  No one wanting to get elsewhere...no gardening, surfing, business set-up work, checking emails...I can't think of the last time I've had such a relaxing and easy day with my little family.  Louie had so much fun running about jumping on couches and rolling around on rugs in various furniture shops.  A quick cider at Good George while he slept in his stroller was a bonus too.

I think this positivity awareness thing is working...today I made a few conscious decisions not to exaggerate the negative.  I feel really happy.

Today you learnt to say 'Flower' ('Ow-aa').  This can be added to your repertoire of 'Oh Wow!', 'Dadda', 'Mumma', 'Boo' ('Doo'), 'Ball' ('all') and 'Roll over' ('ollova').

Tomorrow:  tomorrow I'd like to take you on a bush walk.  Fingers crossed the day is clear.

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