Sparkle Boy

6:25 PM

So you're now one and one month.  You walk! You started just after your first birthday and now you never crawl, "pffft crawling's for baaaabies". You've got a handle on a lot of stuff now, how to stand up in your highchair, turn on the tv/air con/dishwasher, read and turn pages gently, weed the garden (flowers, weeds.. who cares!).  You love to walk around new places, today we went to the Museum, mall and the park and you stomped around  doing this funny little happy raspy screech accompanied by a big sparkly grin.  I love watching you from afar when we're at play groups or music, you have no fear and approach everyone with a big smile and grabby hands.  You look at EVERYTHING, climb on EVERYTHING, follow the bigs kids around and then every now and then you catch my eye and we smile at each other and my heart jumps.

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