Nearly five months

9:34 PM

Trying to get everything done these days is tough, I have to spread myself so thinly between everything/one that I don't think I do anything justice, least of all this blog.  My poor baby Arlo, if it wasn't for your Nonna (hi Mum!) texting me every now and then lamenting the lack of entries for you, there wouldn't be many at all.  But perhaps if I try to get something little down quickly every now and then, with the odd longer 'ode to thee', I might escape the second child neglect accusations?

Today we had to run about doing a bunch of errands while Louie was at daycare.  You were happy to be bumped from car seat to pram and back again a bunch of times, grabbing a few teeny, tiny Zzz's but mostly gazing about with your enormous blue eyes, squealing at everything.  You are so happy, so, so happy.  It makes me so, so happy because we didn't think you'd ever find life ok, let alone wonderous.  You do this sharp intake of breath when you are overcome with happy emotion, then let rip a big squeaky screech and grin and grin.  Oh you are so lovely!  I almost want to wake you up and have your fuzzy little warm head rest in on my shoulder.

You bath time is when you do a lot of smiling, lying on the bottom of it like you brother did when he was little.  Kicking and grinning and splashing water in your eye only to splutter and flail until you catch my eye and ascertain everything is ok and laugh a bit.

You've got one tooth through and the second on it's way.  You're eating some pear and having a bit of formula, to allow me to take a few photo booth bookings.  Not terrible fussed but we're getting there.  In the last few days you've put yourself to sleep a few times in your cot, you still wake 45 min later but you've even resettled a couple of times on your own, to my total amazement.

Suddenly you are very present, very awake.  Suddenly you are almost five months old.  I haven't minded the first few months slipping by because they were really tough.  But now, like every mum before me at some time, I'd like to pause a bit please.  You are such a delight kid.

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