6 Positive Things Today

9:31 PM

1.  I am thankful that Louie is going to sleep super easy these days.  A story, zipped up into his sleeping bag, a bottle and out like a little light.  Cue cork popping.  Heaven.

2.  This morning we broke the routine, packed Louie into the car after breakfast at 7.30am and went to the Hamilton Gardens for an hour.  Barely a soul there apart from one or two gardeners.  It was magic and Louie's little happy grin lit the morning.

3.  It's Project Runway's final. In 4 minutes!

4.  My cat is lying on my lap.  He is the sweetest thing.  Andy reckons cats are the best invention yet.

5.  I have everthing I need to make this for Mike and Maria's wedding.  Our favourite travelling companions who are having an epic wedding.  Which we can't go to.  In Greece.  Buuuuut....positive!  They're going to love their present.

6.  This positive crap is working!

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