Baby Boy

9:35 PM

A weekend to remember.  On Friday we found out we are having a beautiful wee baby boy!  The lady doing the scan put the jelly on, touched the doppler-scanner-thing to my tummy and bingo!  Balls on screen!  She said she's never seen a baby boy show his bits so quickly and later on, when I pressed her to make certain it was a boy she said yup, his hands are down there now - definately male. 

And most importantly all the readings and measurements seemed fine.  There were many slightly nerve-wracking moments waiting for her to say "yes, his heart/lungs/fingers seem normal".  

So, so, so happy!  Always wanted a little boy, a little Andy all sparkly and gap-toothed and silly like him.  We are super-stoked.  Mum came up to Auckland to spend the weekend and we rang around the family to let them know.  I told Granjude "I wanted a boy, they're so much easier cause they can't get pregnant at 16" to which she replied "yes but they can get a 16 year old pregnant".... a little dig at her daughter-in-law Mum (pregnant at 16).  

We spent the weekend market-ing, hanging in the sun and at cafe's.  Lovely.  And NZ beat Australia in the World Cup Semi Final thanks in part to Piri Weepu!  Should this wee boy be named Piri Coombes??


Boo and backyard

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