23 weeks and getting real-er

8:35 PM

It's weird - when we decided* to try and get pregnant, I didn't really think much about it all.  We were really lucky and it happened very quickly so maybe we didn't realise what path we were setting ourselves off on.  It's not like we're young and/or foolish, we're 34/35 and been together for 12 years and we wanted to make a baby but it's all so damn theoretical until that positive test.  And it stays a bit unreal, but on a slowly adjusting scale.

At the ripe old mark of 23 weeks, my body has changed A LOT, little Scooby is kicking, we've got bags of baby stuff accumulating, i'm going to pregnancy yoga (ok, only once), I'm slowly gearing myself up to watch a birth video, we've maybe chosen a name, we're going to start antenatal classes next week and  I've had a couple of outrageously vivid moments of "holy shit!  We're having a baby!"  It's becoming more real for sure.  But then I realise I'll laugh at this post at 39 weeks.  And laugh that I laughed at that post once baby is born.  Reality happens bit by bit and I'm slowly understanding you can't really mentally prepare for anything until you're in it.

* 'decided' being a little strong and possibly not entirely quite as decisive but more like....'we wouldn't...would we?  Maybe we would?  We did!  Wow!....cool.....'

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