7:43 PM

A great weekend.  Friday night we snuck onto a boat-shed for beers at sunset, the best spot on the harbour, it felt like we were in Greece again, just needed the ouzo. On Saturday I spent the day at pottery, practicing at the wheel, bowl after bowl after bowl listening to strange gypsy baroque music on a radio station with no talking, no ad's. Saturday night  we had friends over, built a fire in the jungle-yard and stayed up til 4am talking about why we do the things we do, about the addictive state of grace that can happen when you create or when things just get perfectly right for a moment. The combination of beer, cicada's, Will Oldham and the hot, lush, peat-y smell made me conscious and happy.

And today we went looking at open homes, nosiness more than actually ready to buy. Fell for a little 2 bed cottage with a big separate recording studio.  Andy is desperate for it and I see his calculations trying to twist and squeeze blood out of a stone.

But this life is good enough for now.

What moves me #1:  Historical photo-portraiture. Collecting portraits of people (and a few dogs!) who pose for someone who loves them.  I have dozens I've picked up from markets all over the place.  Or just wondering about people in pictures from the past, like these 'Portraits de criminels Australiens dans les annees 1920'.  What did they do?  I love the guy who 'refuses to open his eyes'!  They all look like people I'd like to know.

More here.

And here is an incredible story about the 'undiscovered' photographer Vivian Maier.

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