Still Lifes

7:59 PM

Today I went to a mannequin factory which we hope will be the subject of a documentary project.  I thought it might be cliched, art school photographers always manage to pull out a few mannequin shots but it was pretty special.  Little vignettes play out everywhere, a glance thrown over a haughty shoulder, an accusing finger pointing out a sheepish character in a was just awesome.  And the stories around both the owner of the factory (he worked there as a teen, returning to buy it as a young man), the art of creating handmade mannequins and the history around this art are rich and lead off into fascinating explorations of society - artisans vs. manufacturers, the ideal of the human form, people who fall in love with mannequins, the value we place on cheap rather than crafted etc etc. 

I love my job.

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  1. This looks amazing , I would be in heaven !!!


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