Istanbul & Christchurch

11:16 PM

Pictures I took in Istanbul.  The guy selling tickets is blind.  People were feeding the pigeons and going to mosque.  The bazaar is up the hill and around the corner.  We'd spent hours choosing the right coffee grinder to buy and trying to find out prices of beautiful rugs without actually asking - we knew we didn't have enough money anyway.


The earthquake in Christchurch was last week and the aftermath is horrific.  So many sad stories.  People gone, missing, dead.  The people who blessedly survived are now having to start again.  The stories on the radio are heartbreaking.  Several companies have announced that they won't be reopening leaving hundreds out of work,  combined with the thousands waiting to find out if they have jobs to go to and small business owners waiting to see if their insurance will help them find new premises, buy stock, equipment etc and let them keep paying their employees until this is possible.

I can't imagine being responsible for a family, for children, a mortgage and not know if I have work nor be able to find other work.  So many people have said "I'd just pack up and get the hell out of Christchurch" but moving away is an impossibility for most of these people right now, they have houses that can't be sold, kids in schools etc.  But they are the lucky ones, so many people have sadder stories.

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