Some Days of Play

9:11 PM

Here are some things we've done together over the last two weeks, with varying degrees of success. 

 Bath in a clear bucket with bubbles = A giggly happy success!

Eating a lemon and reading books under the lemon tree = completely lovely 

 Shower with mama in the morning = enough time for me to wash, blow-dry hair, put some makeup on and get dressed = WIN!

Sticking pipe cleaners through a colander = 5 mins = Not so great but I felt all righteous and creative so totally worth it

Pulling dozens off pegs of self = 5 mins = meh but pretty cute

Trips to the park = always a success especially if there is a cafe nearby

Trip to the beach = surprisingly...a big fail! Don't let the lovely nostalgia Hipstamatic filter fool you. Almost an hour away, no shade, grumpy toddler who hates his hands being sandy, gritty sammies, a short sleep in the stroller...not quite the glorious montage of events I had visualised.

Painting = I so wish this was as lovely as it looks.  Actually it was.  For about 2 minutes until you noticed your hands were mucky and started freaking out.  Fail. 

Jars with dried beans, flour, popcorn, oats, spoons and muffin tray = 20+ mins of total concentrated joy = YAY!

More ideas for filling in these glorious but sometimes relentless Groundhog-ish days?

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