A morning

7:54 PM

Having woken up, hours before the sun, and realised we were sleeping in the same room as you (weekend away in Auckland), you refused to go back to sleep and wanted a full-blown, popcorn-and-pillow-fight pajama party.  When we refused and instead tried to tuck you into our bed, you kicked and wriggled and climbed until finally we popped you back into the travel cot and ignored your protests for....One. Whole.  Hour.  After an hour of moaning and chatting and I-think-he's-nodding-back-off,  I finally got up at 6am and got you a nana and some milk and as you nibbled the nana, writhing in tiredness and sorrow, you wailed "Mon-keeeeey!  Mon-keeeeey!" with such bitter sadness it broke our hearts and I had to get you up.  I wrapped us both up in lots of layers and took you out into the cold, out of the apartment where everyone was trying to get some sleep, and on a most unplanned (the best kind) adventure.  Since we were at the Viaduct, we boarded the 6.30am ferry to Devonport, your first time on a boat!  And we sat outside in the wind and watched Devonport approach and the morning sun ascend.  You were spell-bound and I was loving you all up, frustrations and tiredness forgotten.  A coffee, a shared muffin and a brisk walk through the sea air.  I think I'll always remember our morning.

We share so many smiles these days my boy, they never get old and I treasure every beaming one.

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