A Laugh

10:02 AM


"All babies are different", "They get there in their own time", "You'll wish he wasn't rolling/walking/crawling when he does it".  With almost every developmental milestone I couldn't really care less when Louie does it, because it's true, he'll get there.  But I couldn't help it, I was really concerned he hadn't laughed.  Just a few days shy of six months and he still hadn't really laughed apart from a kind of Precious Pup breathy chortle and a fake cough when he found something amusing.   I tap danced, peek-a-boo-ed, made monkey noises, tickled ears/toes/tummy/chin. Nada.  The kid is a tough audience.

But a breakthrough this week!  Propped up on my bed while I took snaps of him eating his sock he decided this was silly and worth a giggle.  And another.  And then he didn't stop.

I burst into tears so that might be the last time he laughs for a while.   We're back to the fake cough now but I know those giggles are in there.  Perhaps he's just got a dry sense of humor.  Whatever kid, I love you, you make me laugh every single day.

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