1:30 AM

We made it to past midnight, kissed Dan & Tessa then scuttled out of the Phoenix Foundation gig, home to hot chocolate and biscuits.  We attempted to make new year's resolutions but we must be damn near perfect 'cause nothing came to mind.  There's the usual (get fit-learn more-be kinder-etc) but my heart isn't in it.  Like Tessa said, there's plenty more days in the year to make resolutions, I'm just going to skip it tonight.

2012 is going to be newer than most new years for us.  It's your year.  I'm looking forward to meeting you little one. You were very quiet at the gig, listening very hard.  Hopefully the CD will work just as well when you're here, on the outside, and grumpy.

Happy New Year.  I love you my sweet boy.

Your Ma Emma xxx

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