Sweet Home

11:19 PM

Moved in to our new house and slowly getting our things out.  We have tons of artwork to be framed so the walls look a little bare and I have several furniture projects which include sanding and reupholstering so it's going to take a while before it'll feel finished.  But I love that we don't need curtains for our bedroom window as the big tree is all we can see and also love the overly girlie daybed in our studio - spent today lazing about on it - andy doesn't seem to care that I keep sneaking vintage floral cushions in! The main house is lovely too, amazing fire, lots of shelving for our books and a big kitchen.

Had Hannah, Kate and Andrew over for dinner and happy to find another good recipe; green lentil dahl with roasted eggplant sambal and grilled snapper.  Hannah made a beautiful fejoa crumble...YUM!  Now time for sleep with the wind rustling that big old tree outside my window.

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