Free good tings & homemade lipbalm

12:24 PM

'The Graphics Fairy' at , is a find, it's like discovering an old trunk in the attic stuffed fill with copyright free vintage prints.  My favourite are the botanicals:

I used a beautiful french frame for the label on the lipbalm I made Phoebe:

It was the first time I'd made lipbalm and it turned out beautifully.

Beeswax - about 2 tbsps or a chunk about 3cm long by 2cm
Rosehip oil (or any other oil) about 5 drops
Vanilla essential oil about a drop or two
Coconut oil (cold pressed) - about 2 tbsps

I just put the beeswax in a glass jar and melted it in a pot of hot water.  Added the coconut oil and melted that in the same way.  Then mixed in the other oils, filled a 50g container and a smaller one.  Allow to cool.

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