Arlo - 8 1/2 Months

9:27 PM

The complete 360 degree turn you've made is unbelievable!  From a pained, emotional, constantly over-tired, refluxy poor wee baby to this chilled-out, joyous little boy is nuts.  You are the sweetest, calmest, loveliest creature...happy to explore a basket of toys for 30mins ++ before the slightest peep for attention, I just can't convey how peaceful and ridiculously adorable you are.  We sit together, on the days Louie is at daycare, me working on my computer (planning a wedding, doing work), you on the floor turning toys over in your hands, shaking them, intently getting to know them.  I watch you for many minutes at a time, enraptured in your rapture.  I can't stop watching you.  I look at your face when Dad or Louie walk into the room, to watch the joy explode in your eyes.  I watch you eating, like a little monkey with your clever, clasping fingers.  I watch you and you catch my eye and smile so wide.  I watch you doze in my arms after your bottle at night, softly opening your eyes to see me and then relaxing back to sleep.  And today I watched you crawl forwards, for the first time!  Shaky and hesitant at first and then shortly after, proud and beaming!  Your world just got a whole lot bigger Arlo, you go discover it, I'll be here watching you, my heart fit to burst.  We have such a strong bond darling boy, you make me so, so, so happy.

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