10 weeks

2:51 PM

Poor Arlo Joe, your blog posts are a wee bit less regular than Louie's but it is much harder to find a time when you are both asleep and I'm awake enough to write a coherent paragraph.  In any case, right now I am living the dream and you are both asleep.  Here goes....

You are 10 weeks old.  The sweetest little thing I ever did see.  You look so much like your dad to me, it's actually quite strange looking into your eyes, there is the same calmness, humour and spirit I see in him.  You are already doing little laughs, crinkly eyed smiles and open mouthed grins.  There is a round enamel painting in our room and every middle-of-the-night feed, when we sit and I burp you, you search it out and grin and grin wildly at it, like it is your best friend.  God it makes me laugh every time.

But it's not all been smiles my boy.  You've got reflux which took us a while to work out.  We followed the same path many worried mums and upset babies followed before us, trying to figure out what was upsetting you; osteopath, lactation consultant, family centre, doctor, plunket, naturopath, midwife, Mothercraft...the opinions and suggestions swirl about my brain now, contradictory and never-ending.  Finally we have reached a place that works for us.  I wear you often, in a soft wrap, snuggled up close.  At least once a day I try to settle you to sleep in your hammock or bassinet, you're getting better at sleeping in there.  I feed you whenever you need it.  You have medication to help with the reflux and I've stopped eating dairy to ensure that doesn't flare it up.  We're pretty happy now and having sought all the opinions of others, discarding the majority of them, I'm feeling really confident we're doing good, that you're happy and I'm sane!

And do you know what the best thing is?  You sleep like a dream in the night, just waking once for a feed and a grin at your painting-friend.  You don't know how thankful I am for those stretches of sleep my darling boy.

Oops. You've just woken after a great nap.  I'm going to go and get you up and we'll chat, feed and play with Louie.  I love you my boy.

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