One Month - Arlo

3:39 PM

It's impossible not to compare newborn you to newborn Louie.  The similarities between you and Louie are remarkable.  As newborns you both have that strong, meerkat neck, the concerned look that can break into a sparkly little grin already, a beautiful little pointy chin and the same lovely big eyes.  I think you are very similar in behaviour also, a lot of the things you are doing (or not 'sleep'....) take me right back to those early days in Auckland with Louie and sometimes as I look down at your little breastfeeding face it's hard to separate the experiences.  But in saying that, it is becoming more clear as the days march on that you are most definitely your own person.

Although you popped out in a similar calm, collected fashion, gazing at your mum and dad quietly (you didn't cry for about an hour!), you are actually a very emotional little one.  I think your emphatic crying is part colic pain, part tiredness and part 'what-the-hell-is-this-place-and-how-do-I-get-back?!' You can go from calm to extremely worked up in seconds, it's an impressive thing to behold!  But behind all of that, my poor, sore wee boy, is a sweet glint (mischief me thinks!) and a shining joyful smile which beams out there.  I hope these days of tummy pain pass quickly because I can see how much you want to study everything around you, take in that great big rushing noise and movement which is your big brother, study your lovely dad who is cooking and cleaning and picking up all the slack.  It is tough times right now but kiddo, it's going to get a whole lot better, promise xxx

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