19 Months almost

8:32 PM

We have so much fun together.  Let it be known, before these days have gone, before you race away from me to catch up with your mates, before you drop back to walk behind me so no-one knows you're with your mum, before you answer my questions quickly so you can get back to your Playstation/comics/book/tv programme.  We have SOSOSOSO much fun together and I treasure these days.  Playgrounds, coffee and fluffies, big walks, library visits.  You grin at me, search me out and cuddle my legs, reach up to be picked up, ask "pweeese?" when you want me to come with you, listen so hard to me talking to you so that you can figure it out and do the task and make me proud.  You make me so proud my Louie Blue.

You talk and talk and talk and talk, parroting back the last word I say or more confusingly, a word you learnt the day before.  Today it was 'cauliflower' and 'on top of car', completely randomly and with totally glee when I finally figured out what you were saying.  You are basically talking, it's just you haven't figured out the filler words.

This little clingy stage you're going through kills me...I love it and yet it breaks my heart.  I'm reveling in the cuddles and need for your mama, and yet I hope my brave, adventurous boy is still there, not too worried or unsure of the world to have disappeared for long.

Child you fill me up.

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