9 months*

9:47 PM

* Not exactly a lie but you are actually almost 10 months old.  The days are flying by.

You crawl!  It happened so quickly, about three weeks ago you started caterpillar crawling...push up onto your knees, move hands forward, drop down onto tummy.  Repeat.  Then a few weeks ago you just got it...and you are off.  You've discovered which door Dad is hidden behind, where the cat bowl is, what corner you're not allowed in.  The world has opened up for you and you're venturing further afield every day.

You love new people and totally charm them with your dimply smile and excited squeal.  Today a supermarket checkout lady said you were the most excited baby she'd ever seen.  You brightened her day.

You are almost over the 4 week cold you've been hanging onto and teething seems to have let up for a while, it is a welcome respite.  You've got 8 teeth and I think the back ones have been moving about for the last few weeks, tough ones obviously.  It sucks to see you in pain.  I wish I could take it all away always.

The guitar is your favourite toy closely followed by the ukelele.  Dad plays to you a couple of times a day and you are fascinated.  You've figured out strumming, now you are concentrating on chord progressions.  Dad taught you 'Gloria' today and you like it a lot.  You can sing it really well.

Baby boy you are a marvel,  it hurts how much I love you.

xxx Mama

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