Seven and a bit months

9:13 AM

You are a toothy little monster now, 5 proper teeth out and one just breaking the surface.  It's been a tough month or so with all that action in your have been unbelievable brave, trying to smile through the pain but unable to stop the grizzles from escaping.

But yay!  Today you seem happier and I think we have a respite from the teething.  You are now concentrating your efforts on laughing which you think is a pretty hilarious, bewildering thing.  You listen to us laugh and then copy "HARR HARR HA", with serious intensity.  Sometimes you make yourself cry with trying to laugh so hard.  But sometimes you burst into spontaneous giggles and shock yourself.

You are also starting to move more on the ground.  Having figured out that mind-power isn't getting your Moose-y toy any closer to you or grizzling hard in the hope that one of us will hand him to you, you've decided you'd better try this moving business.  Dad is on the case with his training Boot Camp, propping you up on your knees and helping you to face plant toward Moose-y.  You're getting there.

You loooooove food.  You've only every turned away avocado, everything else is tasted, grimaced at, then eagerly scoffed back.  When I give you custard your little arms and hands go into hysterics, flapping away like crazy and you break out the jazz hands all over the place.

Cuddles are ok by you now.  You'd never admit it but when I cuddle you before putting you in your bed you wrestle me a bit then snuggle in and coo.  And a couple of times when you wake in the night I've been able to cuddle you back to sleep.  Heaven for your mama.

Your dad is insane crazy about you, every time he hears us chatting in your room he downs tools and comes in to mess you up and get you hypo, rolling you around on the bed, chucking you into pillows, tickling you with his beard.  Then he goes back to work leaving me with a red faced, shrieking, over-stimulated little boy.  But that's cool, you totally love it.

Love you my Muffin Man xxx

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