10:37 AM

Little Boo is part of this home now and he has taken over.  He is a rascal and a monkey and a very, very sweet little creature.  He loves to be held and carried, not so keen on pats, loves clawing our sofas and skidding across our polished wood floors, likes to burrow under blankets to nap, sit on keypads, hang with his flatmates and sleep beside the fire.  After a week none of us could remember life without him.  The bad news is he has gotten a cold and is on antibiotics.  He isn't as playful and sleeps a lot but most heartbreaking is his terribly blocked nose and snuffles - it's kiling us.  We've had him in the steamy bathroom which can apparently give him some relief and we're keeping him warm but he just has to fight this himself according to the vet.  It's awful and I can only imagine how frightening it would be with a baby.

Andy, who was the most reticent of us all about getting a cat due to his allergies, is head over heels.  He pops him in that Peruvian hat Boo is sitting on in the third pic and carries him around with him,  Boo purring like a maniac inside.  Boo loves Dave because he doesn't make a big fuss, he often chooses to nap on him.  Sarah can't stop cuddling him and is totally spoiling him with cooked beef and kitty milk.  And I'm just so happy he's here.

Get better soon little Boo.

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