God of small things

12:07 AM

I brought back an Inca God-of-the-Home from Peru.  Actually I bought back two, one for my mum and dad and one for us.  Putting this little god in the home would keep the home-place safe, happy and free from evil.  When I unpacked them from the newspaper after four months of travel, one of them was broken.  I gave my parents the unharmed god.  Mine, I just propped up in the kitchen, in two halves.  We were infested with cockroaches first off.  Then a water-pipe burst, flooding our downstairs room.  We later found out the pipe was actually chewed through by rats who then took over the roof above our bed for two months.  Later on we were burgled (I lost my camera and kit).  The dryer caught fire, the mildew in the house spread to our bedrooms.  It was sometime between the rats and the burglary that I glued the god back together and I've glued him back together three times now.  Even when I put him away; in a drawer; at the top of the kitchen shelves; in a suitcase he gets dropped, caught on something or swept off.  What will happen if I bury him?  The inca's don't seem to have a forum on the internet.  Can I put throw him away?  Give him to the Sallies?  He is fixed at the moment, sitting on my bookshelf.

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