Pecha Kucha

10:55 PM

I discovered the Pecha Kucha format of presentations on Wednesday night, featuring speakers from the Photography Festival currently running in Auckland. Each speaker shows 20 slides for 20 seconds and speaks at the same time. A simple concept but a good one, the speakers are forced to get to the rub of it all, strip it all back and present in short, succinct lots.

Roberta Thornley's work clicked with me. She didn't hold her ideas too lofty, in one image her motivation was to simply make visual the feeling of wearing socks on wet grass. For another project she admitted to a need to make things 'glow with light'. She imposed boundaries to her project; her jungle-like backyard the backdrop to her images, and set about staging photo shoots with inflatable paddling pools and stacked chairs. The pictures were beautiful. Her exhibition work (titled 'Tomorrow' at the Tim Melville Gallery) also glows. She obviously adores light and her subjects, whether a bunch of bananas or a beautiful youth, bask in it and are luminous.

When Peter Madden spoke, or rather recited his poetry to a presentation of the most spellbinding collages (his), I experienced the pure lust of art. I want his work. I haven't seen them up close yet - tomorrow at Michael Lett Gallery  - but they are incredible, intricate and sort of violent somehow. 'An Exploding Crystal Cave Freezes Time (telegraphing polymorphic rainbows into the mouths of the mute)' is the name of his exhibition. How could you not love it?

'I'm not a photographer standing on the edge of the world,' Madden has said. 'In my work, I'm cutting into a body of knowledge, poetically releasing the images.'

Also, Andy had a dream last night that we were buying glass handbags from Stephen Malkmus.

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